5th Star Carpentry and Building can design and build any type of stair

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5th Star Carpentry and Building can design and build any type of stair

We can design, fabricate and install any type of stairs. From colonial, modern, commercial and budget stair options to suit your needs.

Stairs must be designed and constructed and installed correctly to the latest building codes and is paramount to yours, your family’s, friends or customers safety.

In the past 5th Star have been under quoted from handymen who build stairs or handrails outside the building codes of practice which exposes you/your business to the risk of litigation in the event of a mishap.

Choose wisely who you get to build your stairs, the minimum accreditation they should have is a BSA Carpentry Licence.

When choosing the way you want your stairs to look it is important to choose the right construction material and method to suit budget and aesthetics.

5th Star regularly construct:

  • Colonial Stairs – Timber hardwood  stringers and treads, normally built for Queenslanders and Post War homes
  • Concrete Stairs – Normally built for high volume pedestrian access to commercial or government buildings
  • Architectural  Designed Stairs – We build stairs with many varied designs and materials as we have quality carpenters, welders and electricians to install recessed lighting
  • Budget Stairs – Erroneous terminology as this is how the majority of stairs are constructed today with pre-ordered galvanised stringers and hardwood treads

Things to consider:

  • Overall height, do you need a landing?
  • Handrail design and construction (consider young children or the elderly)
  • Stair lighting for night
  • Anti slip products

Stair principles:

  • Each riser must be between 150 & 190mm
  • Every riser must be exactly the same
  • Treads are usually between 250 & 300mm wide however the BCA permits 240mm min to 355mm max
  • Must have rest platform after ?? steps
  • Stair handrail must be at least 865mm high
  • 125mm is the maximum between balustrading

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