For any Solar fault, issue or problem – We have the solution

If you live in the Brisbane, Ipswich or Gold Coast area and your solar  PV system is not working property is faulty or has isolators that have been recalled because they are a potential  fire hazards risk to your home or business,  you need to call us!

We will send a qualified electrician with solar experience ASAP! As part of our business we are dedicated to repairing solar systems checking and inspecting solar systems and replacing recalled  AVANCO DC ISOLATORS and Recalled PV POWER DC ISOLATORS.

More details on all four recalls can be found here.

Contact us if you are unsure which isolators your system has and you concerned. We charge $120 plus gst for us to drive out to your premises and inspect your PV SOLAR SYSTEM.

  • AVANCO DC ISOLATORS have gone into liquidation, we have a set charge to replace these with isolators that are backed by a large quality approved international company.
  • PV POWER DC ISOLATORS are imported by a large company which is able to honour it’s recall and  warranty issues at this stage.

Solar PV System are very simple, they consist of 4 major components:

  • Panels
  • Cabling
  • isolators and switches
  • Inverter

If there is a fault with any one of these components your system will either: not work,  not produce the expected daily output, or it maybe a potential hazard risk.

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