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5th Star Electrical – Commercial Solar

5th Star has just completed installing a large commercial solar system at a large and environmentally conscious pro-active school in Cleveland, Qld.

We have installed large business solar systems from 15 kW’s up to 100 kW’s

Commercial solar is a different kettle of fish when you compare it to domestic solar.

Investing in Commercial Solar can be a long drawn out process consisting of countless hours of planning, consulting and designing, but can potentially provide huge benefits for large consumers of electricity.

If the installation is above 30 kW’s, to get it right it takes somewhere between 100 – 200+ hours of planning, power auditing, communication and consultation between 5th Star, our clients, engineers, the local supply authority, state and federal governments, our solar panel suppliers and our inverter suppliers.

For a Commercial Solar System to be financially beneficial for a business in Queensland, the business would need to use large amounts of power between 9 am and 4 pm each day.

Commercial Solar is ideal for businesses that see the majority of their power consumption during daylight hours.

Is major electricity consumption something your company deals with everyday?

If so, this could be a positive step in lowering your businesses daily operational costs considerably.

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