Air Conditioner Cleaning

5th Star Services  Major Air Conditioner Clean & Service

Every now and than we come across  an air conditioning system that needs special cleaning attention, these systems are usually running very inefficiently but are still some how able to blow a little cooler air?

If your split system air conditioner is  dirty or not as cold as it should be, rattling, smelly or leaking, when you switch it on?

Don’t replace the air conditioner!

A 5th Star major clean and service can get most Split System Air Conditioners working like new again.

In a 5th Star major clean and service, here’s what’s involved:

  • Set up an apron around indoor unit
  • Set up drop sheet, tools and cleaning equipment.
  • Spraying indoor unit with special alkaline coil cleaner which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and after a short time:
  • High pressure water or steam cleaner and vac to clean the coil and scroll fan, filters, fan and drain
  • Remove apron and dispose of waste all in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3666.2
  • Set up tools and equipment outside and the process is repeated for the outdoor unit with the same special alkaline coil cleaner
  • This means it is all done where it is, no de-gassing and no disassembly.

All this carried out by our friendly service technicians quickly with minimal fuss or disruption to your day.

After a 5th Star Major Clean and Service the unit will run more efficiently and reduce power consumption by up to 30%.

Increase air flow by up to 50%.

Lower or increase the temperature more quickly by 2% to 4%

5th Star recommends this be carried out every 12 months or as required and is often over looked and can cost you money.

So contact us today and book a 5Th Star Major Clean and Service: 

Split System Air Conditioner for just $150 + GST


2 or more Split System Air Conditioners for just $140 + GST ea.

Its a very affordable deal that will save you money by:

  • 5th Star will sanitise your air conditioning unit, clean all the working parts,  filters, fan, coil, drain leaving it like new.
  • Remove contamination like dust, mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria that are spread through your rooms as your air conditioner is switched on.
  • We clean in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3666.2